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Chao-Chun Huang is an artist / designer born and raised in Pingtung, Taiwan who currently resident in Groningen, Netherlands. He studied in Communciations design from 2015 to 2018. During the time studying, he was diagnosed with depression. But after the treatment, he started to record the feeling in text or image, and discover way of using mixed media to express the feeling from him and so does the reflection from the surroundings.

After graduated, he continued to study Technology and Art to explore the difference of workflow of design and art and having experience of projects as graphic designer; such as Asia Digital Art and Design Conference(ADADA), ASVDA’s wall design of innovex exhibition in 2018; till 2020 he has been as a freelancer designer for several cases.

But in his practice, he still focuses on story-telling. From using old skill as animation and recording, also trying different approaches. Such as collaborated with painter Beth Wong with the project “Pigeon Sunday” and got selected for exhibitions, and performance with three other artists as a performer and creating tools for live echo reaction. Chao’s practice extended to various area such as projection mapping, creative coding and fabric construction. Expected to graduate at Frank Mohr institute at June 2023.



Past Experience

Work got exhibition at
<Vitalism> , Shih Chein UniversityCommunications Design Graduation Show,

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taiwan

Work got nominate at
-Micro Movie Association Competition 2018
-LEXUS Transform 2018
-VISION GET WILD AWARD /3D Animation / VR Animation category 

-VISION GET WILD AWARD special award of creative planning 


A Sight of Cockaigne



Intern in Charnwood Arts as a design team member
Organized a yearbook of Charnwood Arts, Chaired an eight-people group for Urban design and Interior planning proposal of Charnwood Arts new office.


-Theater visual design

Leader of visual and music video design of dramatic play named “Mammoth”
In charge of the background image, music video, and 3D / motion graphic design


Pigeon Sunday

“Pigeon Sunday”-Collabration with Beth Wong

Work got selected and exhibited at <Lighthouse>, Frank Mohr Institute, NL

<May the Art World Tear Us Apart Til We Meet Again>, Struggling Art Space, Bierumer School, NL


-BTCY Group performance

Work got selected and exhibited at
<DIHAN '22 No.1 - Duration>, DIHAN, Pelster Straat, Groningen,NL

2023.03 - 2023.07

“Monologue of Water”
-Group Exhibition

Work got selected and exhibited at
<Represent No.3>, NP3 Gallery, Pelster Straat, Groningen,NL

“Future” -Grauation Show of Frank Mohr Institute,De Toekomst,Scheemda,NL




Thesis of “Monologue of Water” got exhibited at  ARTBOOK,Groningen,NL

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